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  1. Cabinet, Snack Vending Machine, (6) Shelves, (45) Products
    Stock Number: C742961
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Snack Machine with Black Pica Vinyl Front, includes 6 Product Shelves, 5 to 45 Product Selections: 20 chips or Pastries ...(More Details...)
  2. Cooler, Tumble Chiller, 300 Gallon, S/st, Cleveland, P-TC-320
    Stock Number: S743105
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Cleveland Model P-TC-320 vertical tumble chiller, all stainless steel construction, rated for 320 gallons of bagged kett...(More Details...)
  3. Freezer, Spiral, Frigoscandia, Mdl GYRoCompact 600
    Stock Number: A741591
    Location: West Coast
    Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT 600 spiral freezer, all stainless steel contacts. Unit has twenty-four (24) tiers of stainless ...(More Details...)
  4. Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube, ___ SF, S/st, Thermaline,
    Stock Number: C743965
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Stainless steel shell & tube heat exchanger, shell measures 12" diameter X 80" straight side, approximatel...(More Details...)
  5. Lab, Refrig, Freezer, Cyro, Forma Scientific
    Stock Number: S740150
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Lab, Forma Scientific Cyro Plus II model 8179 Cryogenic container liquid nitrogen Dewar with controller and stainles ste...(More Details...)
  6. Lab, Refrig, Freezer, Kelvinator, 27.3 CF, R404
    Stock Number: S739233
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Lab, Kelvinator pharmacy freezer model BT30F-S-2 with 27.3 cu/ft capacity, temperature range of -12 deg C/10 deg F to 30...(More Details...)
  7. Lab, Refrig, Freezer, So-Lo, Mdl PR50-C, 24" x 12" x 18"
    Stock Number: S739424
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Lab size freezer mfg by So-Lo Environmental Equip, model PR50-C with a chamber size of 24" X 12" X 18" de...(More Details...)
  8. Refrig, Box, Cooler, Tray Type, Less Trays, 12" x 14" x 22"
    Stock Number: C732834
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Tray type cooler, less trays. Unit measures 12" w x 14" t x 22" deep, has dog locking side door. ...(More Details...)
  9. Refrig, Chiller, 10 Hp, Neslab, Mdl HX-1000-2000
    Stock Number: C741608
    Location: New Brighton, PA
    Recirculating Chiller, 10 hp, Neslab model HX-1000-2000, Temperature range 10 degrees Celsius - 25 degrees Celsius, dime...(More Details...)
  10. Refrig, Chiller, 15 Ton, Budzar, Water Cooled,
    Stock Number: S739689
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Budzar liquid chiller, 15.4 ton nominal capacity. Complete with Copeland compressor. Unit utilizes R22 refrigerant and i...(More Details...)
  11. Refrig, Chiller, 1500 Ton, Trane, Complete Chiller Plant,
    Stock Number: D742313
    Location: Missouri
    Unused Trane chiller plant including (2) 750 ton centrifugal chillers, model CVHF 0570, new in 2015, (2) Marley 750 ton ...(More Details...)
  12. Refrig, Chiller, 22 GPM, Budzar, Water Cooled
    Stock Number: C742063
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Budzar liquid chiller, rated for 22 gallons per minute. Water cooled. Runs on 480 volt electric power. Model AC-10-FCB22...(More Details...)
  13. Refrig, Chiller, 240 Ton, Daikin, Air Cooled, Screw, Unused
    Stock Number: A744037
    Location: Montana
    Daikin Model AWV016A Air-Cooled Screw Compressor Chiller, rated for 240-ton capacity, set up for R134a refrigerant. Offe...(More Details...)
  14. Refrig, Chiller, 250 Ton, York, Screw, Water Cooled, R-22
    Stock Number: S738847
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    York Millenium liquid screw chiller, rated for approximately 250 ton, Model YSCACAs2-CJD, water cooled liquid chiller co...(More Details...)
  15. Refrig, Chiller, 330 Ton, York, Air Cooled, R22, 460V
    Stock Number: S736276
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    York liquid chiller, air cooled with screw type compressors, rated nominal 330 ton capacity. Unit is model YCAS0330EC4...(More Details...)
  16. Refrig, Chiller, 375 Ton, York, Screw, Water Cooled, R-22
    Stock Number: S738846
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    York Millenium liquid chilling system, screw chiller, rated for approximately 375 ton, Model YSDACB S3-CMES, water coole...(More Details...)
  17. Refrig, Chiller, 40 Ton, Process Products Inc., Air-cooled
    Stock Number: C734553
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Process Products, Inc. complete air cooled package. Unit rated for 40 ton capacity using R-22 refrigerant. Includes inte...(More Details...)
  18. Refrig, Chiller, 75 Ton, Trane, Mdl CRHE-75, Cmpt PKg, (3)
    Stock Number: S734021
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    (3) Trane chillers, model CRHE75-OAC4AOAOR2C200, rated at 75 tons each, skid mounted, complete with heat exchangers, v...(More Details...)
  19. Refrig, Chiller, 800 Ton, Trane, Complete System,
    Stock Number: S734346
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Trane chiller system, rated for 800 ton capacity, model CVHE080, last running R-11 refrigerant. System includes Trane ch...(More Details...)
  20. Refrig, Chiller, 86 Ton, Dunham Bush, Water Cooled, 460 Vac
    Stock Number: S735867
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Dunham Bush liquid chiller rated at 86 ton capacity. Unit is model HWSC100DAR, complete with twin screw type compresso...(More Details...)
  21. Refrig, Chiller, 890 Ton, Trane, Centra-Vac
    Stock Number: S732679
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Trane chiller, 890 ton capacity, centrifugal, water cooled, model CVHE-890 Centra-Vac, direct drive, hermetically seal...(More Details...)
  22. Refrig, Chiller, Affinity, Mdl PWC020BE35CB02, R507, (2)
    Stock Number: S739033
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    (2) Affinity model PWC-020-BE35-CB02 chiller. Unit has high pressure of 440 and low pressure of 162, 208/230 volt, until...(More Details...)
  23. Refrig, Chiller, Aquatemp, Mdl SWC101CNP, Water Cooled
    Stock Number: S739220
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Aquatemp glycol and water cooled chiller, model SWC-10-1C-NP, serial number 85H0082, 10 hp, 220 volt, 3 phase, heat tran...(More Details...)
  24. Refrig, Chiller, Budzar, Mdl LTA-3-SP, Air Cooled
    Stock Number: S743005
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Unused Budzar ICE (Industiral Chilling Equipment) portable process chiller, Model LTA-3-SP, rated for 7 gallons per minu...(More Details...)
  25. Refrig, Chiller, Kramer, Mdl DD100, Fluid Cooler, 2-Fan
    Stock Number: S743879
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Kramer Unicon Model DD100 Double Fan Fluid Cooler, includes copper header with tubes. Complete with (2) 24" diamete...(More Details...)
  26. Refrig, Chiller, Plate, Mojonnier, S/st, Ammonia,
    Stock Number: S738917
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Mojonnier plate chiller, set for to run ammonia through plates, product runs down outside of plates to cool. Includes (3...(More Details...)
  27. Refrig, Chiller, Plate, S/st, (16) Plates, Chester Jensen,
    Stock Number: S742477
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Chester Jensen Plate Chiller, all stainless steel construction, double chamber, model XB-16-OT-16-32, includes (16) 48&q...(More Details...)
  28. Refrig, Chiller, Plate, S/st, (2) Plates,
    Stock Number: C736716
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Plate chiller, stainless steel construction, includes (2) plates where refrigerant will be pump through and water spray...(More Details...)
  29. Refrig, Chiller, Plate, S/st, Chester Jensen, (8) Plates,
    Stock Number: S742480
    Location: Chowchilla, CA
    Chester Jensen Plate Chiller, all stainless steel construction, model B8-OT-8-32, includes (8) 48" x 60" plate...(More Details...)
  30. Refrig, Chiller, PolyScience, Benchtop, Series LS5
    Stock Number: S742890
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    PolyScience LS5 Series, Benchtop Chiller, Model LS51M11A110C, 1/2 HP, 120 VAC. Includes M1 Centrifugal Pump. Rated for 9...(More Details...)
  31. Refrig, Chiller, Riedell, Mdl PC 1601, 2640 gallons/hr
    Stock Number: A743081
    Location: East Coast
    Riedell Process Cooler/Chiller, Model PC 1601.M6LZA. Unit designed to run R407C refrigerant. Maximum flow rate of 2,640 ...(More Details...)
  32. Refrig, Chiller, Sterling, 150 PSI, Mdl M2B2712-C
    Stock Number: S742525
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Sterling Sterlco, Model M2B2712-C chiller/recirculating heat exchanger, rated for maximum 150 psi. Includes temperature ...(More Details...)
  33. Refrig, Chiller, Thermo, Recirculating, Mdl M75
    Stock Number: S744018
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Thermo "NESLAB" Recirculating Chiller, Type Merlin M75. Unit has a temperature range of 5 degrees Celsius to n...(More Details...)
  34. Refrig, Chiller, Water, 8-1/2 Lbs, Edwards, Mdl CC-3, (2)
    Stock Number: S650255
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    (2) Edwards Engineering water chiller, water cooled, 2-1/2 ton cap, refrigerant R-22, 8-1/2#, model CC-3, 220V, 3-phas...(More Details...)
  35. Refrig, Chiller, Water, Cryomech, 2 Gal, Portable
    Stock Number: S730024
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Cryomech Inc. refrig water chiller, 2 gallon/min water flow unit is 208/230v 60 cycle, 3-phase, 26 amp service, 334 ho...(More Details...)
  36. Refrig, Chiller, Water, Sabroe, 60 Ton, Twin Compressors
    Stock Number: C736614
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Water chiller, includes twin refrigeration compressors, 60-ton capacity, manufactured by Sabroe (by Johnson Controls), M...(More Details...)
  37. Refrig, Chiller, Water, Thermulation, Mdl CH-5W, 440 Volt,
    Stock Number: S650260
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Thermulation water chiller, model CH-5W, 440 volt, portable on wheels. ...(More Details...)
  38. Refrig, Compressor, 40 Ton, Carrier, Mdl 30HK040-640, R22,
    Stock Number: C650210
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Refrigeration, compressor, Carrier, 40-ton cooling capacity, Model 30HK040-640, R-22 refrigerant. Has dual compressor &a...(More Details...)
  39. Refrig, Compressor, Auto Purger, Hansen, Mdl AP01,
    Stock Number: S741563
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Hansen Technologies auto purger model AP01, single point purger. Unit has 1.5-gallon receiver, 5" diameter x 1'...(More Details...)
  40. Refrig, Compressor, Copelametic, Mdl. LAHA-0325TAC-100,
    Stock Number: S736159
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Copelametic refrigeration compressor, unit is model LAHA-032E-TAC-100, rated for 12.8 RLA, 112 LRA, 208-230 volt, 60Hz, ...(More Details...)
  41. Refrig, Compressor, Copeland, Mdl C3AL-1001-TSC-001
    Stock Number: S739762
    Location: Brisbane, CA
    Copeland refrigeration compressor, model number C3AL-1001-TSC-001, serial number 30A79. United rated for 54.8 RLA, 240 L...(More Details...)
  42. Refrig, Compressor, Discus, Copeland, 20 HP, Unused
    Stock Number: S741561
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Unused Copeland discus refrigeration compressor, model 4DE3-200E-TKS-800. Driven by 20 HP, 208/230/460 volt, 3/60Hz moto...(More Details...)
  43. Refrig, Compressor, Rotary, York, Mdl SAB128HF, R717
    Stock Number: S741564
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    York model SAB128HF rotary compressor untilizing R717 refrigerant, maximum working pressure 25 bar, maximum speed is 295...(More Details...)
  44. Refrig, Condenser, Air Cooled, Liebert, 3 Fan, 240v, Freon
    Stock Number: S734242
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Refrigeration condenser, air cooled, manufactured by Liebert Corp., model unknown, designed for freon service. Unit in...(More Details...)
  45. Refrig, Condenser, Air Cooled, Liebert, 4 Fan, 240v, Freon
    Stock Number: S734243
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Refrigeration condenser, air cooled, manufactured by Liebert corp, model unknown, designed for freon service. Unit inc...(More Details...)
  46. Refrig, Condenser, Copelametic, R12
    Stock Number: C735490
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Copelametic refrigeration condenser, unit is Model CBAM-0303-CAB-001, takes R12 refrigerant. Unit has nominal HP of 3 ...(More Details...)
  47. Refrig, Condensor, Chiller, Kool Star, 15 Ton, R-404A
    Stock Number: C735718
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Refrigeration condenser, manufactured by Kool-Star, 15-ton capacity. Unit used R-404A refrigerant, dual fan, is 15 HP, ...(More Details...)
  48. Refrig, Cooler, 25" x 28.5" x 60", R-22, Forma Scientific
    Stock Number: S740421
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Forma Scientific 3771 laboratory pharmacy refrigerator. Unit measures 25" wide x 28.5" deep x 60" tall wi...(More Details...)
  49. Refrig, Cooler, Century Refrigeration, Mdl A427-338HG, R-507
    Stock Number: S743034
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Century Refrigeration Model A427-338HG unit cooler, A Series, hot Gas Defrost for medium-sized cooler/freezer applicatio...(More Details...)
  50. Refrig, Cooler, Century Refrigeration, Mdl FH634-161A, R-507
    Stock Number: S743033
    Location: San Dimas, CA
    Century Refrigeration Model FH634-161A unit cooler, FH Series, air Gas Defrost for Flush Mount - Low Headroom. Rated for...(More Details...)
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